I have read el gaffer’s post, and while I wish him well in his recovery from obvious insanity,  I cannot endorse his views entirely.

The Sri Lanka tour has been, mostly, a disaster, with the team performing to its potential only in fits and spurts during the Tests, and only when it no longer mattered and their jobs were the only thing on the line in the ODIs. This is disturbing, because to me it means the team’s regressing – and when it comes to Pakistani cricket, old ways are quite definitely not the best ways.

So we’ve gone from Woolmer’s boys, who threw themselves about the field with wild abandon and played with something vaguely akin to professionalism and pride, to a team where everyone’s looking to save their own skins and there doesn’t appear to be any fellow-feeling whatsoever.

It’s enough to make a fan bang his head against a wall.

Oh, and on Umar Akmal: I refuse to rate him highly. Mostly because when asked who his batting heroes and inspirations were, he said: “Kami bhai.”

Kami BhaiOld Irongloves looks back in anger at the Sri Lankans celebrating his dismissal.
“You!” he thinks, staring straight at Kulasekera.
“I’ll drop you later.”

Photo courtesy AP/Eranga Jayawardena

– el kapitan