Some quick thoughts on my trip as it comes to a close:

– Rafting is fun, I could have died but it was pretty over rated. I plan on tackling a tougher river next time or Kayaking. Its just tougher.

– I got a chance to see the Gunners for the good majority of the trip. All I can say is that if Upton Park think that this was the only drubbing of the year, I cannot wait until they come back to the Emirates later in the season. I thought it was going to be a close game but it just ended up becoming one of the more entertaining games of the last few campaigns in terms of sheer destruction. The game against Celtic was a deserved win but also kind of lucky on a few counts. I would like to see Van Persie score more consistently, I am beginning to lose faith in his ability to come up with the goods and hope he proves me wrong like Iniesta did….oh Iniesta….

– AC Milan have had an abysmal pre-season that has me thinking that Leonardo is no Pep. Although he might be considered better looking. I would be interested in seeing Leonardo take on Pep, one on one, full pitch.

– I’m frustrated at the lack of updates that have been posted on Special 1 TV. I have been looking forward to the new season and am hoping that Milan will be spared some embarassment on the show.

– Sneijder to Inter Milan would be a disaster for AC Milan. Though, I still hold true to my prediction prior to the end of last year. Juventus will lift the Scudetto and if you have seen them recently, you know why.

– It’s a piss off Patrick Viera didn’t come to Arsenal, but it happened the same week Schumacher didn’t come back to F1. This just confirms that the earth has not stopped rotating ladies and gentlemen. Everything is going to be just fine, boring, but fine.

– Hello, Jaan Klass Huntellar, we’ve been waiting for you. Quietly.


– Rumor has it Dida will be sold. Conclusion: God begins to love AC Milan again.

Lets not get into whether you all missed me or not on the trap. No point in leaving dissapointed.