A recent conclusion that i’ve come to is that Australia is responsible for ruining cricket. Here’s why, Twenty20 was invented simply to thwart them. ODI’s and Test’s involving them got so boring that people needed something new to watch. People dont want to see one sided matches, it’s….for want of a more suitable word…boring. Actually that’s pretty suitable. People want to see competition, they want to be gripped by the thought that anyone of the team’s displayed can win, they relish the uncertainty of it…this is why sport is so glorious, the uncertainty of it. People hope that their team will win, but they cant be certain of it. Put Australia into that equation and that goes away.

And while i’ve started to quite like twenty20 as entertainment, precisely because at any given day, any team can win…doesnt always mean the best one will, it’s horrible for cricketing technique and strategy. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a buffoon, so i wont go into that further. It’s ruining real cricket, ie the test matches…I dont want 3 day tests, because the team’s are getting all out for 276 in 30 overs because they cant bat any other way now. Where’s the talent in that? That’s baseball, not cricket. Cricket more than any other is a game for the deep thinker’s, and deep thinker’s need time to put their cunning plans into action. It’s a game for the evil genius with a huge white cat, who sits on his deep lounger and cackles, and laughs like an evil scientist, and waits…and waits…until he gets the final wicket in the evening session of the fifth day, for glorious victory and redemption and so he can prove to all the others how brilliant he is.

And if it’s one thing England are good at, it’s inventing new formats to make themselves more competitive, hence twenty20, and how Australia have ruined cricket.

Watching the football last night, it occurred to me how brilliant Arshavin really is. The top players, which he really is..are just so special to watch. Not just because of all the passes, the strikes and the trickery, it’s their movement off the ball which separates them. And that’s why watching a match live is so interesting. Yesterday, twice he took out/lost his markers, two of them, just by his movement off the ball, and he only came on for 15-20 minutes. Quite brilliant, and not something you generally notice on tv. And the commentator’s actually noticed, shockingly enough..said something like…’arshavin’s lost two of them without even touching the ball’. He really deserves to win something big, would be a pity if he didn’t.

I’m not defending Eduardo, but something for people to think about. When a player gets tackled, there are time’s when just out of self preservation he will fall, imagine if your choice is to leave your leg in, and maybe get it broken, or get it out of the way asap, ie dive. And who better to ask that question off then Eduardo. I think SAF said something similar about Ronaldo a year or so back. Sigh, we really need to win the title, I’m agreeing with SAF, and Ronaldo now.