That Arsenal has resorted to diving does not surprise me one bit, especially if it really was to protect their players. Last year revealed it had the most injured players out for the longest period of time and worse, it was the most fouled team in the league!

Is this surprising? No, because they rely on things like speed and fancy moves that often end up with boot to ankle contact.

Were I on the squad though, I’d be like Bambi on crack trying to hop out of the way of challenges that I felt were going to break my leg. I get the feeling also that seeing your team mates entire ankle and foot pointing the wrong way has a sort of effect on you, for a while if not your whole career.

That being said, I have yet to understand why the person that picked up the penalty, who knowingly dived, if he is an honest guy why he can’t hit the penalty purposely over the bar, just sky it. After all when a player goes down and the other team hits the ball out, there is little argument over whether it is given back to the attacking side, it is kicked back to the keeper and life goes on.

Why not try to persuade the referee not to give a penalty, say it might have looked like one but it was not one boss. If he says “shut up and kick it” well then sky it.

I think this talk of penalizing diving is great, but starting with a Arsenal player that has a reputation for being rock solid is not exactly the best place to start. You know, I’ve heard of this guy called Christiano Ronaldo thats made an art form of it.

Seriously though, if Eduardo gets the ban and its not overturned, enjoy seeing most of the bench play most games in a striking role. Everyone is going to be suspended every 2 games.

Coming back to Inter Milan winning the Champions League, I would say next year might be more realistic. Though they do have Lucio now, so it will be hard to deny that they have a real shot. I wanted Sneijder at Milan but they didn’t listen to common sense.

This recently concluded meeting with UEFA President Platini says it all on the diving issue:

Fergie Platini assaulted on both sides by once rivals, then friends, now rivals Fergie and Wenger.
The meeting had Platini caught in thought: “Whichever bastard set up the seating chart for today is fired, God damnit I could have been a fucking doctor instead of having to listen to this shit. Only if I had listened to my mother when there was still time……..

Enjoy Brazil V. Argentina tonight. Argentina need points to move towards qualification at the World Cup. Veron will be starting in the midfield for the first time in Years after having successfully led his club to victory in the South American Champions League. This game could easily see Argentina out of the world cup if the stars align just right for Brazil and this time, Julio Baptista will be on the bench.