Isn’t something that even die hard England or Brazil fans should want. If nothing else, it would mean that Messi wouldn’t be playing on football’s biggest stage. Not that I’m a huge fan, but right now it also looks likely that Portugal and Ronaldo won’t qualify.

Back to Argentina, if they don’t win today they are in serious danger of not making it to South Africa. Yes the 5th place team will get a home and away playoff, but going to Mexico isn’t something to look forward to. I bet the South Americans are still wishing they got to play against Australia. Unfortunately, I don’t really like the team Maradona’s selected. All the talk is how Messi hasn’t been at his best for Argentina – given that, it may have made sense to try and replicate Barca’s formation with a front 3 of Messi, Milito and Aguero/Tevez. Instead it seems like Maradona’s gone for more of a 4-2-3-1, although I’m guessing,  as its going to depend on where Jesus Datolo plays, who I’m not really familiar with.

Apart from that picking Veron seems to be a retrograde pick when you have Gago sitting on the bench. Tactically, the crucial battle in this match could be whether Zanetti can get forward from right back without leaving space for Robinho to operate on the left, as Mascherano will have his hands full with Kaka. On the other end, as Robinho doesn’t really track back, will Melo or Gilberto be able to pick up Messi? Anyways, it should be exciting.