I think the match can be summed up as both sides getting at least 15 chances, 10 good ones and 5 half chances. Brazil converted 3 and Argentina only managed a moment of brilliance that has put most long range shots I’ve ever seen in my life to shame. HOLY SHIT WHAT A ROCKET THAT WAS!

Also, poor, poor, poor defending on the part of Argentina in the air. The goal Luisao scored was patheticly easily won. A good header though. I don’t think Brazil defended badly, they were more effective than they were spectacular on that front.

That being said, you get a feeling that Kaka isn’t planning on fading like Ronaldinhio did once he became successful. I think Kaka and Louis Fabiano have got something special going on, they have been linking up for the great majority of the best goals of this Brazillian campaign. At 30+ Louis Fabiano is showing the world why Leonardo wanted him at Milan so badly.

As for Diego, his coaching career can be summed up as a failed experiment to which there was a precedent with his absolute disaster at Napoli when he coached them. The pressures of a country have put him in the position he is in and they will hopefully pay dearly for it.

I might not be a die hard England or Brazil fan, but I am a realist. If Argentina cannot get past the likes of its South American brothers with what is arguably one of the two most naturally gifted sides in the world, then they are somewhat the porcelain dolls of Wold Football, pretty to watch and think about but have little practical value. Also………COME ON NETHERLANDS! WITHOUT THE PESKY ARGENTINIANS WE CAN WIN IT BOYS!

Reliance on just one man is what got Portugal in the position it is in now, reliance on Messi at such a young age is unfair.

Sack Maradona and move on with life in Argentina my friends, you will not get a second chance.

Lastly, I highly disagree with my friend Elgaffer, they say every great footballer has just one more incredible year at the end of their career. Veron is HAVING that last great year and is easily one of the best players in the world when he is in top form. He created a lot of chances, some high quality passing down the wings and was instrumental in trying to hold the midfield. Had Kaka not linked up with Louis Fabiano for that piece of Individual brilliance to cap off the match (which no one but God could have stopped, the pass at least) I think it could have been a very different result.

However Elgaffer, I will be sure to corner Veron and explain that you didn’t think he was worthy of being capped for Argentina anymore when I meet him in Abu Dhabi later this year at the FIFA Club World Cup which I GOT TICKETS FOR JUST THE OTHER DAY!!!! (If you’ll be in town in December, tell me so we can get you one)  I’m already pumped at the prospect of seeing Barcelona in the Final or Third Place match, because thats all I have tickets for!