Readers and poor souls that have wandered onto this blog alike, you all might recall the French Open, where many of the Offside Trap crew had decided to order and eat a Roger Federer picture cake, a particularly obnoxious looking one for the French Open final to celebrate his victory, before the match even started. Yes, thats us. Oh and by the way, yeah well its happening again. Maybe.

Somewhere in Karachi a baker is preparing a strange looking machine to make another one at my behest and lets hope we get to cut it again this weekend.

I’ve heard everything from “He’s lost it” to “past his prime” to “Nadal is the future of tennis”. To all of you, I say this as sincerely as possible.


Roger has now been in every Semi Final since 2004. Try and digest that for a second and then realize that the future of tennis being Nadal might just be a some way off. Should the two meet in the final, a dream final, I think that if Roger beats Nadal on center court, then the demons have been purged permanently.

I just caught the tail end of the radio broadcast which saw Roger finish off ‘Young Soderling’. 6-0, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6.

I have to give it to Soderling for not crumpling into a ball and crying after losing the first set 6-0. What a devastation that must have been.

Will he get to the final and win?…….to a hardcore Roger fan who has followed him the better part of his career since he beat Pete Sampras in Wimbeldon I have to say this…….it doesn’t matter to me anymore. He is the King of Hearts for all of us in the tennis world that realize he will not be matched in our lifetimes probably.

Good luck Roger.