After carefully counting I have come to the conclusion that there have been only 4 games so far this season, with 34 to go. Point being, that it’s far too early to pick a winner. The one thing I would suggest is that this season is going to be very tight, with a top 5, probably all capable of challenging for the title.

I didnt watch the game, so dont have a review of it, but the stat’s are pretty favourable to Arsenal, which is disappointing because we lost, but not such as would have been had we been completely outplayed. So there is hope, there are lots of good things, and positives about us at the moment, and we have had a pretty tough start to the season and things ease off after this..Wigan, Fulham, Blackburn, Birmingham, West Ham, Spurs, Wolves, Sunderland until Chelsea.

Adebayor. He had nothing but revenge in mind against Arsenal Football Club. There was apparently a stamp on Fabregas’s ankle early on, RvP’s face, the energetic run all the way across the field to taunt Arsenal fans. And that’s only surprising because I havent seen him run like that in ages. I cant recall ever hearing a bad word from either Fabregas or Rvp about him, so why go out to hurt them?



There’s a picture of Kolo and Craig Bellamy having to come over to drag him away, and then apologizing. Think abou that for a second; Bellamy once hit his own team mate with a golf club. And he’s more professional than Adebayor.

Kolo tries to drag him away.

Glad to see he’s accepted his part in it though..,19528,11661_5558457,00.html

On a positive note, it’s great to see Rosicky back, and score.