It’s been about a month, so here we go. For an AC Milan fan, there is little joy you can derive from this season after the 4 goal thumping from Inter Milan (congratulations you bastards, but you deserved it), you have to cling to the small gems that Milan produce once in a while and remember the glory days.

I’ve written about this before but it hasn’t been particularly well accepted. Inzaghi is a real striker still. He can still play for a good 40 minutes and score for you. If Louis Fabiano can capture some of the best form of his career at 32 and Teddy Sherringham scored for those buggers for years near 40, then Pippo is only 3/4 used up at the age of 34.

Sure, Olympic Marseille might be a third rate team but this is the Champions League people and if this deserves no credit then Juventus needs to spank its players a little extra after a 1-1 draw against a team I’ll never have heard of again in my life unless they top their group somehow.

Pippo’s double/brace is an important first step in confidence building when it comes to Young Leonardo.

You also have to realize that Pippo’s game is not based on speed or strength, it is being at the right place at the right time. An art he has mastered, no matter what Jaap Stam might have written in his biography about both Inzaghi brothers being cheats. That being the case, he could easily play another 2-3 years and with the acceleration he still enjoys and showed during that incredible goal against Club America in the off season, maybe you shouldn’t write him off.

Read this on Pippo. It is the best article on him ever: