While I won’t even get into the disappointment or lack of it when it comes to the US Open Final result, I just want to say that this means little in terms of Fed’s legacy and he played poorly with his serve failing him terribly. After the destruction of Nadal in the Semis at the hands of Del Porto, he was a deserving champion. I just hope he doesn’t end up sucking now like the many others that have taken a crown from Federer and disappeared into the woodwork.

The bigger story in my mind had to be Kim Clijsters. Which brings me to the point of this post. Exactly WHAT THE HELL is going on! How can a woman who has just given birth recently come back to win the US Open after only having played 7 professional matches prior to the Open?

While I will always have a huge crush on Justine Henin (what a bloody backhand), the thing is Beligum is back to winning ways again in the Womens Tennis World. The improbability of this I won’t get into, if you are a sports fan, you know that little good has come from Belgium in the last 100 odd years other than this.

This included letting the Nazi’s march through in WWII and of course its most deplorable single act, allowing Juan Claude Van Damme to leave Beligum by issuing him a Passport in the 70’s. I’m sorry, there is no excuse for this no matter how you twist it. If you disagree, then you must not have paid to watch Time Cop in a theater. *Shudder*

Back to the point, there is little one can come to a conclusion over other than the fact that there has to be something in the water in Belgium. How else could Henin have stepped down for the introduction of her fellow citizen and friend Kim.C?

Congratulations to Del Porto and Kim.

The best final of the lot though was the mens doubles, seeing Bhupati at the opposite end of the net against L.Paes in the US Open final is a dream. Finally, Paes exacted his revenge on Bhupati for all of the criticism that followed him his entire career. Congratulations LP on setting the record straight on who the better team mate really was, I’ve always been a big fan. Please give Martina my regards. The two of you used to make beautiful music together on court.

See you next year or in Beijing whichever first Tennis fans.