For those of you that saw it, you’d be a better judge. Owen scoring the winner in the 95th minute? A one time fluke or a sign of things to come?

One thing is for sure, he’s a long long way from the black and white jail bird stripes of New Castle. The truth is though, that Owen and Shearer should have been able to produce more at New Castle over the years and didn’t. Pairing Ronaldo with Raul didn’t produce the best football of all time at the front. I guess individual brilliance is over rated in a team game, something we often forget.

Either way, I’m glad Owen didn’t have to end his career in the Championship. He has been a good striker riddled with injury that screwed up the consistency required to go from good to great in the eyes of the footballing world. Moments of individual brilliance at the World Cup kept our eyebrows raised at what was possible but he’s another story of injury killing enormous potential.

Better luck at Man U Micheal. You’ve probably deserved better anyway.

The Nani, Anderson and Valencia curse of shitty moves is over for Sir Alex, he seems back on track now.

Also, did anyone see Vermalen’s bloody goal??? They should play him upfront! Now I KNOW there is something in the water in Belgium. Yeesh.