Twice Lucky? I don’t think so. It looks more and more despite a crappy draw that Juventus are the team that will top the Serie A this year, though Sampadoria seem to have had other ideas coming out the flood gate.

It’s no secret that Jose was looking to move out of Italy after winning the Serie A and something went horribly wrong it would seem. Having retreated back to Italy it was important that he win again to prove to his critics (whatever few still exist) that he did not simply choose the greatest team out there and win again with them, that he was actually responsible for success rather than inheriting it.

He is feeling the heat now, after a series of draws and a defeat. Suddenly Juve is posing more of a threat and it is getting harder for Inter to move to their rightful place at the top of the table.

There is no doubt he is getting more than just a bit cranky, especially with the Champions League tie coming up mid week.

He waited years to be face to face with him, his closest rival for taking the title ‘the special one’ and he gave it to him. “SHUT UP ETO’O!”