It really drives me nuts how so many players follow a very similar career in many ways but no one ever really learns.

A good 80% of players that are historic under performers are almost always given one last chance at their respective football clubs. This is nothing new. The club then loses a crap ton of money on them by having to sell them to get new talent which they pay some obscene amount for.

The strange thing is, 80% of players that leave a club move to their new club and just start kicking ass without any explanation whatsoever.  Its like the fire has been re-ignited and its time for everyone to get clear of the blast zone.

We can go into the psychology of this and say that a player is mentally strained at the club where he is having problems and when he moves to a new club it is a change of scenery or the more popular argument that each league is different so changing clubs is not a big deal but changing leagues might suite his kind of football.

How do these people explain what happens when shits like Gilardino swap from AC Milan to Fiorentina (he was so bad that the fans did not even protest) and the &@#$)@!*@ goes from being the laughing stock of the attack at Milan to top scorer in Serie A?

Is this a one trick pony? Clearly not. Geovani at Hull City scored that bloody screamer against Arsenal that saved them their season in retrospect. Craig Bellamy has become an absolute machine. Adebeyor is actually scoring half decent goals and doesn’t suffer from the dreaded first touch that can only be described as clumsily elephant like. Still not convinced? Well, then think about Vermalen scoring a bloody double then, did you SEE that left footed shot? Can I not also mention Christiano Ronaldo and his goal scoring drought that has now ended in two 2nd minute goals?

Why the HELL can’t players realize that if they just motivated themselves a little better they could secure any contract they wanted and not have to move wife and children around the globe, city to city, time and again.  Honestly, I don’t get it.

The anti-thesis of these band wagoning buggers are the player they all want to be, someone with a great legacy by the end of their careers. People that you have to respect even though you hate Man U, people like Ryan Giggs.

If you team hop, you have a worse chance of securing a legacy to an extent. I really believe that is the downfall of Ronaldinhio. He could have been playing beautiful football with Barcelona right now.

What this all boils down to is why Managers are paid so much money. They are the greatest agents of motivation there are out there and arguably no one is better at this when it comes to players from the age of 16 to 24 than Arsene Wenger though if you want to talk about someone who holds onto their franchise players through thick and thin, Sir Alex and Jose probably take the cake. No one wants to leave after they show up to manage.

I know the inevitable, oh of course players don’t want to leave them because they always win you idiot is around the corner, but can you for just one second hear yourself say that out loud and realize, its a chicken and egg problem you’ve got there.