As the season draws closer and closer to a conclusion in the EPL, I think its only fair that we reflect on what we saw transpire:

On a Club Level

The EPL’s maturity as a league is beginning to show. Suddenly, anyone can get a result on a good day.

– Manchester City establishes itself with Arab Oil Money, has nearly confirmed the suspicion that you can buy your way into a top four spot in any league.

– Arsenal mature further as a team, though silverware remains elusive

– Portsmouth goes broke and we’re exposed to the legalities of the game. i.e. So this is what the meltdown at Leeds looked like….

Liverpool stick with Rafa, proving that standing by your manager over the long run can easily pay dividends if you tune out the hype

On a Player Level

– Rooney takes on the mantle of C.Ronaldo but also learns the art of tracking back. Ferguson sell another player at the right time, but only if he could learn how to buy less overpriced. See: Arsene Wenger

– Having Patrick Viera back in the EPL isn’t as fun when he isn’t an Arsenal player

– Ivorians Didier Drogba and Alex Song establish themselves as top class talents in their respective fields. African football is undoubtedly going to be the next big thing, definitely before Asian or North American football

– Cesc Fabregas dispelled the myth that you have to be over 25 to respectably captain a top class side

– Rooney takes on the mantle of C.Ronaldo but also learns the art of tracking back

At the beginning of this season if you would have told me only 3 of the above would have transpired I would have welcomed this season with open arms, but in truth this has been a season of extraordinary ups and downs. The champions league in particular has been absolutely top notch, one of the most enjoyable in a long time. To be only at the Semi Final stage and to be able to say that is rare. Two killer strikes from Del Piero in the group stages and an absolute stunner from Arjen Robben against Manchester United would have been enough to keep anyone content. Messi’s first four goal haul was special, but so was the special ones defeat of his old club Chelsea.

How this will ultimately play out is getting tougher and tougher to predict by the day, the essential ingredient in an incredible season.