The World Cup is upon us. In a few short days, millions of people will purchase new TV sets, try to shoo away their children and wives from in front of the TV. They will also purchase enough cool beverage to stock their fridges with and begin the purchase of regalia that they will hand down to their children should their team win.

While this panel has made a series of highly accurate predictions over the course of the last year in cricket, football and other sports its time for the mother of them all, the question that bookies globally love because it represents their greatest payday……mainly gentlmen and some ladies………

WHO will win the World Cup?

While some people will tell you that their heart will say one but their head another, please note that they are missing the entire point of the World Cup, which is all about hoping your team to the final and beyond. If Greece could win Euro 2004, anyone can win the World Cup but the element of good luck required is magnitudes later when dealing with South American sides. I’d ask all of our panelists as to whom they are going for, just one name and to tell us why.

As for myself, it cannot be anyone else other than the Netherlands and I’ve explained why I think they can lift the cup in my “The little orange engine that could” post below. I take my international alliance with the Dutch Football team seriously. The usual provisions have been made of the purchase of raw silk to be sent to my tailor to stitch my oversized world cup flag.  As part of my pledge to dye my hair orange should they make it to the final, the obviously expired bottle of orange hair dye purchased in 2004 has been dusted off and inspected for being the right shade yet again. Cases of beverage that bears the seal of the Royal Netherlands Court will be delivered to my doorstep for consumption and I will not give up on my quest to get one of those over sized orange hats.

This is serious stuff people and I suggest you get with the program.