The eagle pictured above is totally flexing those biceps in response to Germany’s 4-0 drubbing, Go Eagle, it’s ya birthday, Go Eagle its ya birthday!

I know what your thinking and I can’t explain it either. Somehow Germany manages to produce a consistent and level headed performance when it comes to every knockout tournament I’ve seen them play in memory. A quick snapshot of their past performances over the last eight years consists of being the finalists in Euro 2008, losing out to eventual winners Italy in the Semi Finals of the 2006 World Cup and they lost out in the finals against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup.

Somehow though, everyone hadn’t really given the Germans a lot of thought after Micheal Ballack was ruled out injured from the world cup. What the world seems to have conveniently forgot is that half of the Bayern Munich squad that made it to the Champions League final this year is in essence the core of the German national team. This is where the benefit of playing together year round with your international team mates makes playing in the World Cup far easier.

If anything, I think that was on display in their group stage game against what had to be said was a disappointing Socceroo’s side. One cannot deny that Australia are an aging side, with plenty of its players in their 30’s and no real successors in sight.

On the other hand, Germany has what I would think is the perfect mix of veterans at the peak of their careers and young talent that is mentally tough enough to prove themselves in the World Cup. I struggle to think of a team that has a better mix than Germany in the age department, although I’m sure Brazil could give them a run for their money had Pato been selected this campaign.

A 4-0 drubbing is the worst way to get your World Cup campaign started and the loss of Tim Cahill to a straight red definitely delivered what should be the knockout blow to Australia’s campaign already. As for Germany, this is just the beginning of what looks to be a promising campaign with a young captain in Lahm and a supporting cast of Muller, Klose, Schweinstieger, Podolski and an aging Metzelder.

Don’t be surprised if you see them featuring in a Semi Final in a few weeks, because the Germans have signaled their intent and reminded the world that they arrived in South Africa with the intention of winning; that too in style.