Salman Butt’s reign as Pakistan captain started of incredibly well. This match isn’t going as well, but whatever the outcome, he represents an important change in our cricketing tradition.

Mohd Aamer excites us with his increasing resemblance to Wasim. Meanwhile Brother Umar shows us flashes of Sehwag.
What Salman Butt is though, is someone who isn’t outrageously talented, has more drops to his name than brother Kamran (ok not quite), and has had to persevere to get to where he is today.

Unfortunately our talent level isn’t quite what it used to be especially when it comes to the batting. Domestic cricket isn’t preparing players like it used to. Therefore, players will need time to adapt after reaching the international stage. What will be crucial is trying to establish which players have the mental toughness and work ethic to make it and which don’t. For these young players like Azhar Ali and Umar Amin, Salman Butt is terrific role model.