This week in the Premiership was probably the least predictable as any since the season began. There is a lot to cover so I’ll get right to it.

Manchester United Loses Its Blue Eyed Boy Status

For everyone that argued that this Manchester United side is actually better than the one that Christiano Ronaldo starred in during his final year at Manchester United, I hope you saw what I saw at Wolverhampton this week. An absolutely pathetic display of United football and losing an undefeated season to the bottom feeders of the premiership, one word comes to mind. Pathetic.

Thankfully though, a clear distinction has been drawn between Wengers invincibles and Manchester United’s not so, well, invincibles. Did you REALLY think they would go undefeated this season?

The only thing United fans can take away from the match is Arsenal drawing to New Castle earlier under what was nothing less than dubious circumstances and lets get to that right now shall we.

An Arsenal Side That Still Hasn’t Grown Up

Four goal lead or forty goal lead, Abu Diaby’s red card was one of the most awful personal decisions since Bacaray Sagna decided to push someone earlier this season and pick up a red card. This in the same week that Cesc Fabregas allegedly made a series of hot headed comments about the referees being paid off in the tunnel at the interval against Blackburn. We have all felt that Arsenal are devoid of a proper medical staff with everyone injured constantly and quite mysteriously often not able to recover at a rate that makes any sense (See: Rosicky, Vermaalen).

Now it seems they might as well have their HR department on the look out for a permanent anger management professional to help their players manage flaring tempers. Was the challenge on Abu Diaby awful? Yes. Was it bad enough to warrant a pub esq wrestling manoeuvre. No. Does it make it more acceptable to Arsenal fans that he performed the act on a New Castle player. Okay well maybe a little, but if we could turn back time I think things would have taken a different more reasonable path in the minds of most Arsenal supporters. Not all, but certainly most.

Did Arsenal deserve to lose? My answer is no. Two incredibly strange penalty decisions, the first one making some sense and the second making absolutely none sealed their fate. Not to mention a Tiote strike which, between you and me, I’m not entirely sure if he really knew how he did that either. That doesn’t change that it is a front runner for goal of the Premiership this year and it doesn’t change the fact that Arsenal drew 4-4 largely because of Abu Diaby’s moment of madness and a horrendous penalty call.

Arsenal take away from this another glimmer of hope from their young keeper Scheczny who has shown tremendous potential and was unlucky not to stop the second penalty. Almunia is looking like more and more of a write off every day. That isn’t necessarily such a bad thing either, especially for Arsenal fans. A swift bounce back will be required to be able to even trouble Barcelona in the champions league in ten days time. If playing against Messi last time felt like Play station football, this year will probably be an improved 3D Play station experience if you know what I mean.  Especially without Alex Song to try and keep Messi in line. Emphasis on try.

Oh and Liverpool Did The Double Over Chelsea This Season, Wait What!?

While this shouldn’t be technically possible in Rafa Benitez’s world, Liverpool just did the double over Chelsea without him and without Fernando Torres too. The first win at Anfield might have been a one hit wonder at the start of the season, but beating Chelsea at the Bridge? I can say with certainty that somewhere not so far away, the Special One is shaking his head at his record being made a mockery of in his absence. The fort that was the Bridge is experiencing nothing less than the same treatment that befell unshakable Babylon when the Persians diverted a river and walked right under their fancy gate.

Is this the end for Ancellotti, well probably not. He will still have the FA Cup and the Champions League to win, two last ditch attempts at saving his job because for all intents and purposes Chelsea won’t be defending their title this year if you live in the real world. The only possible avenue to the title for Chelsea is if both Manchesters and Arsenal decide playing football isn’t their main stay and go into heated competition manufacturing socks instead. Chelsea fans can only hope that Manchester City win the Premiership this year because that would probably be the least painful of all of their remaining options.

Manchester City winning the title wouldn’t be so surprising if a few more of these super surprise weeks like this one are what we have to look forward to. Some food for thought that I’ll leave you with is Ancellotti’s increasingly slippery slope at Chelsea timing itself perfectly to the whining tune of  Jose Morhinio getting vocal about how unhappy he is in Spain and how he wants to come back to England maybe sooner than expected. I don’t think Abrahmovich is going to let his old coach back in the hot seat, this season, next season or ever, but surely during weeks like this we can afford to dream just a little bit, can’t we?