Considering the serious dearth of informed commentary on sports in general, and bearing in mind the demands of the public at large, three men and a monkey decided that something needed to be done.

This web log, or ‘blog’ as hipsters, moviestars and drug addicts refer to them, is that all important ‘something’.

Well, not really, but come on . . we can’t just tell you that a lawyer, journalist, IT entrepreneur and . . . well, we actually don’t quite know what it is that el Commandante does . . .  decided that they would no longer limit their commentary on football, cricket and any number of other sports to a single gmail thread.

We aim to provide incisive, informative and, above all, incredibly entertaining, comments on all major sports (or the ones we follow, anyway, though el gaffer is known to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all sports, including those contested between voles and rattlesnakes in the Sahara (we believe it’s called ‘Runaway!’)). That was an incredibly long parenthesis, but, given time, you will get over it.


One Response to “But why?”

  1. Abu Huraira Says:

    one hell of an entertaining blog. was surprising to see somthing like this exists specially frm our people. i would love to join in as el super sub. support manchester united, love football, can enlighten u peeps with my audacious comments and predictions that i seldom get wrong. have written couple of articles but no one has ever realized my true potential. much like wes brown in united ranks. would love to write for your blog. dont kno how much humour i can provide but can give some honest views with a bit of drama. would be a good addition to ur blog if you are looking to add some serious stuff 😛 people might get bored of you el jokers as your comments doesnt really convince people or atleast me as they are humor coated genuine views. i can play the ole gunner solskjaer role fr u ppl 😛 need a lift put me on..and i ll win u the clicks. if u ppl intrested i can upload one of my most artistic works that has gone unnoticed apart from a couple of like at facebook

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