So a recent conversation with a friend revolved around the following question:

Which is less forgiving, golf or F1?

The friend in question, who will be known as Kitty for the purposes of this post, argued that golf, was, in fact, less forgiving because every stroke has to be perfectly executed, whereas in F1 you can ‘drive to your speed’, so to speak. Some people will never reach the heady heights of ever being able to drive an F1 car flat out through the corners of, to pick a circuit at random, Silverstone, but they will be able to drive according to the limit that they feel comfortable with. As they get better, the argument goes, that limit gets pushed further and further, until it can go no further, and if at the culmination of this process they are quick enough, they could drive in a GP.

Golf, he argued, was completely different, as each stroke was independent, and had to be executed perfectly, or it may as well not be executed at all. One wrong move, and the ball goes flying off in some completely random direction. “You don’t have the option of going slowly,” he said.

Thoughts? Concerns? Indecent proposals?

To this I will add only the inimitable words of Winston Churchill (at least I believe it was him, though some, incredibly, insist it was Lee Trevino): “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.”

TigerPictured: Tiger Woods, hard at work in a truly ridiculous tshirt. This is
more difficult than taking Eau Rouge at 300km/h. Clearly.

Picture courtesy Chris Graythen/AFP

– el kapitan