mcnair I just heard about the happenings of Sunday, it is apparent that Steve McNair was murdered and I think this is a huge blow for the NFL in general. Steve was commander in chief of the 2003 Titans team that lost the Superbowl by one yard with time expiring and not having a time out available.  It was one of the most technical losses of all time and highlighted how important time management was in the NFL.

McNair later played for the Baltimore Ravens and took them places. He posed the single greatest challenge to the Patriots unbeaten regular season record and was frustrated by a flag owing to a false start by his defensive unit that allowed the Patriots to pick up the most unlikely of wins.

You never really know what people are up to off the field, but the scene of the crime is Steve with a couple bullets in him and a woman supposed to be his ‘girlfriend’ with just one bullet in her head the gun under her body. I’m no detective but it sounds like Steve got screwed by his love affair. None of that matters to him as a sports person, but the NFL needs to start figuring out how to sure up their morally deficient stars somehow, else there will be more dead bodies in years to come. God knows how they will be able to control players and deal with gun related crimes like the in case of Packman Jones and Tank Johnson. I just hope that the NFL starts becoming less of a Gangsters Paradise or something straight out of the latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series of Video Games.

Thanks for the memories Steve. You were a quality quarterback. R.I.P.