el Gaffer: One of my biggest regrets in life is becoming a sports fan. Yes its true. The amount of time spent following a number of sports has taken too much of my waking life. So what am I doing writing a sports blog? Well with the internet there is no way I can give up sports so I’ve decided to embrace it. The days of waiting two weeks to get a score because the dialup connection wasn’t working and CNN’s World Sport kept switching to breaking news are well and truly over.

There is obviously the cliched point about the drama and entertainment in watching things like Iniesta’s winner against Chelsea or getting the privilege to follow the intrigues of the Federer-Nadal rivalry. More important though is the enjoyment I’ve gotten from reading brilliant sports writing. From the mindbending FreeDarko to Gabriel Marcotti, to almost everything on Cricinfo, I take pleasure in intelligent analysis of sport and loathe substandard, jocular, punditry. Hopefully I can provide some writing of the good kind on cricket, football, tennis, the nba and more.

el Kapitan: Just your average electrical engineer-turned-journalist. Having spent four years completing my Bachelor’s in engineering, I promptly made the only possible sane decision and moved back to Pakistan to become a journalist. I’ve worked as a reporter, editor and input producer for both print and television, and now find myself reporting from the streets of Karachi, a city which, despite constant vilification, will grow on even the most easily frightened. Come September 2009, I will be based out of London, pursuing an MA in Anthropology & Media at the School of Oriental and African Studies.
Oh, and I’m a huge FC Barcelona fan. Stop shaking your head at me, I’ve been following the club for close to ten years now. Yes, that means I’m a genuine fan, and not just someone who’s jumped on the bandwagon, ala Chelsea’s legions.

el Commandante: Since el Commandante, being his usual lazy self, has refused to submit an entry, we’re just going to have do it for him. Once known as Wengerboy, for his love of the bespectacled professor, el Commandante chose his new moniker in order that he may better fit his desired role as a holding/defensive midfielder during our Sunday games of football. To say that he commands the pitch would be, however, a bit of a misrepresentation.
Let’s just say he issues random declarations, while most ignore him and proceed to dribble around the minor obstacle that he poses.
And until he decides to post something here, this is how he will be known to you. -ek

Superpippo: The holy trinity of football since I began observing has been Malidini to Seedorf to Inzaghi. I’ve rarely enjoyed seeing anyone else more than these three. I was fortunate enough and crazy enough to drag El Comandente to Dubai to watch AC Milan play Hamburg SV live.  AC Milan has a great place in my heart and I will probably cry when Maldini plays his last game. I have always been an AC Milan fan from my introduction to football which was Zidane’s famous Champions League goal.

While I was geared to play in the defense my whole life, I have recently tried to develop my left foot and prefer long range goals in backyard games. I’m a member of AKFC, one of the worst clubs statistically in the whole of South Asia. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch at least one live professional level match/game of every sporting event you can imagine NHL, NFL, NBA, International Football, Serie A and MLB.

My preferences for sports I watch have changed drastically over the years but I know a little bit about every sport and primarily enjoy watching Football (Serie A & International), Boxing, American Football, Darts and the occassional cricket match.

My teams/favourites  in that order are  AC Milan & Netherlands, Pacman, NE Patriots, Phil Taylor and Pakistan.