Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex must be absolutely loving the misery being piled onto Rafa’s plate right now. After what can only be described as an utter taking apart at the hands of Fiorentina in the Champions League they now sit 3rd in their table and they will have to get past Fiorentina and Lyon to get there. With Juninhio not having scored in the Champions League for a few weeks now including in the last fixture, one has to conclude that he is more than due to complete his quota of ridiculous free kick goals before his beloved Lyon face the music and realize they are not exactly trophy lifting material in Europe yet.

If Rafa was as graceful and vulture like in his looks as Arsene Wenger, perhaps he could persuade Liverpool to give him one last chance during this period of “Team Building” but the truth is Anfield is in more debt than the Icelandic Nation and have an equal probability of bouncing back financially. Lets hope Arabs hate Liverpool as much as children do. I’d love for a Sheikh to be ready to shake hands on a deal to buy and bail them out and pull his hand away at the last second.

Truth is though, Pool can’t get worse than this. The longer that Rafa stays and struggles, the better for the contenders in Man City and White Hart Lane. By the way Rafa, remember that crap about how Sir Alex was scared of you? Well…..your wrong you Muppet!

Rafa_Benitez_Steven_Gerrard_622457“There was never a good time to tell you this but we are 2-0 down to a shit team like Fiorentina…….so here goes. Stevie……I AM YOUR FATHER!…….now go and save MY JOB!”.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooo…..both of those things are impossible!”